Heekyoung Woo

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Multipath on-demand routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks try to reduce control overhead and end-to-end delay by computing multiple paths with a single route discovery process. We propose Graph-based Multipath Routing (GMR), a novel multipath routing protocol that generate the network topology graph to compute all link dis-joint paths in the network.(More)
TFRC (TCP Friendly Rate Control) is a rate-based congestion control protocol for non-TCP flows. TFRC controls the sending rate by using the TCP throughput equation considering the triple duplicate ACKs and the timeouts. However, this equation provides the conservative throughput bound of TCP. This conservativeness causes lower throughput and slower response(More)
Wireless data services are fundamental in ubiquitous networks. In wireless data networks, the TCP congestion mechanism can mistake a wireless channel error or blackout for congestion on the route. Several wireless TCP protocols have been proposed considering TCP performance degradation in wireless systems. However, these protocols are too complex to deploy(More)
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