Heekwon Park

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We propose a novel kernel-level memory allocator, called M<sup>3</sup> (M-cube, Multi-core Multi-bank Memory allocator), that has the following two features. First, it introduces and makes use of a notion of a memory container, which is defined as a unit of memory that comprises the minimum number of page frames that can cover all the banks of the memory(More)
Multi-core systems equip a huge size of main memory that consists of a large number memory banks. To fully utilize the capability of multi-core, memory banks can be accessed by multiple cores in parallel without bank conflicts that cause significant performance degradation. In this paper, we investigate how the page frame allocation decision of operating(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel memory test platform that is based on the commodity operating systems such as Linux and MS Windows. The proposed memory test platform namely <i>coKernel</i>(cooperative Kernel) provides a facility to examine the entire physical memory, even the region occupied by the test program and operation system. To accomplish this(More)
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