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We present the first EIT images of evoked physiological activity in the primary somatosensory cortex (S1) obtained with intracranial planar electrode array. Images were validated using intrinsic signal optical imaging (ISOI) and current source-sink density analysis (CSDA). Detailed high-resolution spatiotemporal connectivity of the brain cortex was(More)
Load and footwear condition are two crucial elements varying the kinematic responses during walking, which probably lead to chronic injury. Fifteen healthy male individual with no obvious gait abnormalities participated in this study. Apart from a no-load condition, four external load conditions with two load levels were investigated. Work boots were(More)
Effects of work boots and load carriage (6.4 kg and 12.8 kg) on gait pattern were investigated. The protective work boots were examined by comparison with running shoes through human performance tests with 15 male participants. The loads were carried symmetrically and asymmetrically on the shoulder and hand. Statistical data analysis showed a prolonged(More)
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