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Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is one of the most common brain malignancies and has a very poor prognosis. Recent evidence suggests that the presence of cancer stem cells (CSC) in GBM and the rare CSC subpopulation that is resistant to chemotherapy may be responsible for the treatment failure and unfavorable prognosis of GBM. A garlic-derived compound,(More)
MANET is a network that is consisted of mobile nodes without control of base stations. Since the network includes mobile nodes, path determination and topology composition to connect nodes are not an easy issue to solve. Especially, estimating adequate number of mobile nodes for a network area is very important for optimizing the number of nodes to cover(More)
Many aminodihydroquinoline compounds have been studied to determine their cytotoxicity to cancer cells. However, anti-cancer stem cells (CSCs) activity of aminodihydroquinoline has not been tested in spite that CSC is believed to do an important roles in chemotherapy resistance and recurrence. The CSC selective targeting activities of 10 recently(More)
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