Heejong Suh

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Software-based GPS (SGR) Receiver can analyst processing the GPS signal at the lowest level of GPS raw signal data from the antenna. In this paper, in the deep research GPS signal capture principle's foundation, carried on the simulation using Matlab to the GPS signals capture process to realize and to analyze. The simulation result further confirmed this(More)
Automatic traffic scene analysis which has been used for real-time on-road vehicle detection system is essential to many areas of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). In order to improve the detection time and accuracy of detection performance, various image processing techniques have been used for real-time vehicle detection. Moreover, Neural Networks have(More)
Recently, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has become a popular technique for transmission of signals over wireless channels. Also, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) is one of the most promising technologies for assisting fading and improving link reliability without sacrificing bandwidth efficiency. The combination of OFDM and MIMO(More)
In this paper, the coarse acquisition code (C/A code), which is for civil navigation, of the ranging codes for Global Positioning System (GPS) is studied, simulated and analyzed by the Use of Matlab. With the simulation results we can confirm the correctness of the method and feasibility, which is at simulation platform to further study on the real(More)
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