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Article Semantics in L2 Acquisition: The Role of Specificity
We examine L2 learners' ability to acquire a new value for a semantic parameter-the Article Choice Parameter. Expand
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Asymmetries in Scrambling and Cyclic Linearization
  • Heejeong Ko
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  • 1 February 2007
I argue that linear order in constructions with scrambling is constrained by Cyclic Linearization of syntactic structure at the interface, and I show that this proposal provides a unified account forExpand
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Syntax of Why-in-situ: Merge Into [SPEC,CP] in the Overt Syntax
This paper proposes that ‘why’ in wh-in-situ languages (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) is directly merged into [Spec,CP] of the clause it modifies. This proposal not only captures long-standingExpand
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That’s not so different from the: Definite and demonstrative descriptions in second language acquisition
This article investigates how adult Korean-speaking learners of English interpret English definite descriptions (the book, the books) and demonstrative descriptions (that book, those books). KoreanExpand
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Syntactic edges and linearization
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 2005. Expand
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The Role of Presuppositionality in the Second Language Acquisition of English Articles
This article investigates the role of presuppositionality (defined as the presupposition of existence) in the second language (L2) acquisition of English articles. Building upon the proposal inExpand
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Predication and edge effects
This paper investigates the properties of syntactic edges, with special attention being paid to two central issues in cyclic syntax: the domain and the nature of cyclicity. Expand
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Backward Object Control in Korean
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Optional Scrambling Is Not Random: Evidence from English-Ukrainian Acquisition
In this chapter, we investigate the role of specificity in the acquisition of a ‘free-word-order’, article-less language – Ukrainian. Expand
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Remarks on Right Dislocation Construction in Korean: Challenges to bi-clausal analyses* 1)
Ko, Heejeong. (2014). Remarks on Right Dislocation Construction in Korean: Challenges to bi-clausal analyses. Language Research, 50.2, 275-310. This paper investigates the syntax and semantics ofExpand
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