Heejeong Heo

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Today, transparent display technologies are becoming quite ubiquitous. However, until now, transparent displays have been used from only one side of the display in limited application areas. In this paper, we propose TransWall, a transparent display that can be used from both sides in order for people to experience co-located, face-to-face interactions. We(More)
Computing technologies are increasingly designed to support motor-impaired people with physical rehabilitation. Although it is important to reflect patients' motivation to maintain effectiveness in therapy, these studies mostly show that these technologies can increase rehabilitation effectiveness by providing patients with certain stimulations(More)
Nowadays, imagining modern buildings without glass is difficult, and glass walls can be found almost everywhere around us. Glass has been one of the most valued materials owing to its transparency. Glass walls' transparency in modern architecture involves two contradictory characteristics: visual continuity and spatial discontinuity. Even though we can see(More)
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