Hee-Youn Lee

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Two important computational approaches to problem solving are model-based reasoning (MBR) and case-based reasoning (CBR). MBR, since it reasons from first principles, is especially suited for solving novel problems. CBR, since it reasons from previous experience, is especially suited for solving frequently encountered problems. However, large novel problems(More)
Almost every shot change detection algorithm detects abrupt transition (hard cut) without difficulty, but gradual transitions such as fades, dissolves, wipes are left as hard-to-detect problems. Dissolve effect, among the various gradual transition effects, is one of the most frequently used shot transition methods with special semantic meaning such as(More)
The \Voice Command" system, designed for isolated word recognition tasks in real-world noisy environments, was implemented on a xed-point DSP board to operate in real-time. Simple auditory model, i.e., zero-crossings with peak amplitudes (ZCPA) model, is used for noise-robust feature extraction , and neural network classiier recognizes input patterns. The(More)
In this paper, we propose a method of measuring the reliability of direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation results. One idea for the reliability measure arises from a waterbed effect in DOA estimation. The reliability measure can be obtained from the difference between the maximum and minimum point of cross-correlation. If the calculated reliability measure(More)
For large vocabulary recognition system, as well as for flexible vocabulary applications using hidden Markov model(HMM), parameter smoothing and tying have been used to increase the reliability of models. This paper describes bottom-up and topdown clustering techniques for state level tying. This paper also describes a method of applying parameter smoothing(More)
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