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Sound is encoded within the auditory portion of the inner ear, the cochlea, after propagating down its length as a traveling wave. For over half a century, vibratory measurements to study cochlear traveling waves have been made using invasive approaches such as laser Doppler vibrometry. Although these studies have provided critical information regarding the(More)
Post-translational modifications (PTMs) occurring in proteins determine their functions and regulations. Proteomic tools are available to identify PTMs and have proved invaluable to expanding the inventory of these tools of nature that hold the keys to biological processes. Cysteine (Cys), the least abundant (1-2%) of amino acid residues, are unique in that(More)
Buprenorphine analogs have been synthesized. In the studies of analgesic and addictive effects in mice and [(35)S]GTPgammaS binding assay in human brain tissue, an analog of buprenorphine where the tert-butyl is replaced by a cyclobutyl moiety (16) has been identified as a selective kappa-partial agonist which gives antinociceptive effects, but has low(More)
UNLABELLED The exquisite sensitivity and frequency discrimination of mammalian hearing underlie the ability to understand complex speech in noise. This requires force generation by cochlear outer hair cells (OHCs) to amplify the basilar membrane traveling wave; however, it is unclear how amplification is achieved with sharp frequency tuning. Here we(More)
Prestin is a membrane protein necessary for outer hair cell (OHC) electromotility and normal hearing. Its regulatory mechanisms are unknown. Several mouse models of hearing loss demonstrate increased prestin, inspiring us to investigate how hearing loss might feedback onto OHCs. To test whether centrally mediated feedback regulates prestin, we developed a(More)
Segmentation of inner structures of cochlea from OCT volume image is important to improve patient (or animal) diagnosis and treatment. In this study we show that three membranes and three chambers in the cochlea can be automatically segmented with good accuracy with the aid of locational and morphological characteristics. The segmented membranes can be used(More)
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