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For network life time, load balancing and scalability, wireless sensor networks have to configure the network based on local management. Clustering algorithm is for satisfying above requirements. A cluster head selection of this algorithm requires to solve additional communication cost and unequal clustering compared with previous clustering algorithm. So,(More)
Interest for wireless sensor networks has being increased in ubiquitous environment. In wireless sensor networks, each node sets up self-organization network, transfer the sensing data to sink node. Sensor nodes that compose sensor network are small size, and their battery capacity is limited. So, each node also imposes a constraint on search and recovery(More)
In this paper, we propose a middleware based on the OSGi framework for home robots in Home-Network. The home-network services make us convenient and cozy. In addition, it improves quality of our life and includes a function which is to interoperate each device. In this paper, home robots are composed dynamically in the network and we can use a lot of(More)
The market of smartphone is growing at a remarkable rate and is one of the important emerging issues. People who use the smartphone go on increasing in the world. There are a lot of applications for the smartphone and they are more complicated. Therefore, various mobile platforms have been improved to meet such conditions. In this paper we consider(More)
— The PLC language which IEC organization standardized as IEC 61131-3 standard is used in various fields of industry such as robot control system and industry automation system. However, it can't provide suitable development environments for developers who don't have enough knowledge about robot devices. Besides, it is difficult to support branch code,(More)
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