Hee Sung Yoon

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Flavonoids are a diverse family of natural phenolic compounds commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Epidemiologic studies showed that flavonoids also reduce the risk of colon cancer. Tectochrysin is one of the major flavonoids of Alpinia oxyphylla Miquel. However, the anti-cancer effects and the molecular mechanisms of tectochrysin in colon cancer cells(More)
A novel in situ co-assembled nanocomposite LSM-Bi1.6 Er0.4 O3 (ESB) (icn-LSMESB) was obtained by conjugated wet-chemical synthesis. It showed an enhancement of the cathode polarization at 600 °C by >140 times relative to conventional LSM-Y0.08 Zr0.84 O1.92 (YSZ) cathodes and exceptional solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) performance of >2 W cm(-2) below 750 °C.(More)
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