Hee Sun Chang

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BACKGROUND Many variants of dermatofibromas have been described, and being aware of the variants of dermatofibromas is important to avoid misdiagnosis. OBJECTIVE We wanted to evaluate the clinical and pathologic characteristics of 122 cases of dermatofibromas. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the medical records and 122 biopsy specimens of 92(More)
Port wine stains (PWS) are congenital capillary malformations consisting of ectasia of capillaries and venules. At birth,lesions are flat and relatively uniform in color, but evolve with age to become raised, thickened, irregularly surfaced, and deeply colored. Therefore, it is considered optimal to begin treatment of patients at an early age. Conventional(More)
BACKGROUND Argyria is a rare skin disease caused by cutaneous deposits of silver granules as a result of exposure to silver substrates or ingestion of silver salt. This pigmentation change causes cosmetic problems, and there was previously no recognized effective treatments for argyria. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the treatment effect of a low-fluence(More)
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