Hee Seol Kang

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This genome-wide association study (GWAS) was conducted to identify major loci that are significantly associated with carcass weight, and their effects, in order to provide increased understanding of the genetic architecture of carcass weight in Hanwoo. This genome-wide association study identified one major chromosome region ranging from 23 Mb to 25 Mb on(More)
A procedure is described for estimating the probabilities for the backbone phi-psi angles of a protein molecule from the data base of known protein structures. The procedure is basically an adaptation of a published secondary structure prediction scheme, applied to the phi-psi angle bins rather than to the secondary types. The phi-psi angle probabilities(More)
A straightforward method for predicting the protein structure is to find conformations that have the lowest energy along a chosen folding pathway. One approach in this direction is to produce a large number of structures by varying the dihedral angles of the molecule more or less randomly and then to screen each one using a suitable energy function. This(More)
Antiserum to leucokinin I, a neuropeptide originally isolated from the cockroach Leucophaea maderae, was used for immunocytochemical labeling of neurons in the brain and ventral ganglia of the moth Spodoptera litura during postembryonic development. In the ventral ganglia, leucokinin-like immunoreactivity begins to occur in the abdominal ganglion A3 to A7(More)
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