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Training a Korean SRL System with Rich Morphological Features
We introduce a semantic role labeler for Korean, an agglutinative language with rich morphology. Expand
A Survey of Morphological Issues in Korean: Focusing on Syntactically Relevant Phenomena
The purpose of this research is to critically review major works on morphological phenomena in Korean and, if possible, to provide a perspective on the study of Korean morphology. Expand
Light Verb Constructions and Structural Ambiguity
Previous analyses of (Korean) Light Verb Constructions (LVCs) have failed to provide objective criteria for defining LVCs when the potential Verbal Noun (VN) has at least one of the verbally case-marked phrases as its argument. Expand
Verbal Nouns and Light Verbs in Korean
One of the main purposes of this paper is to establish the identity of verbal nouns (VNs): they constitute a special sub-class of nouns which are responsible for both subcategorization andExpand
Tense Markers and -ko Constructions in Korean
We identify the morpho-syntactic status of the tense markers in Korean and provide a new system to account for the tense phenomena in -ko constructions. Expand