Hee-Min Lee

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  • Jeff G. Reifenbergera, Erdal Toprakb, HyeongJun Kima, Dan Saferc, H. Lee, Paul R. Selvina +1 other
  • 2009
We simultaneously measure both the step size, via FIONA, and the 3-D orientation, via DOPI, of the light-chain domain of individual dimeric myosin VIs. This allows for the correlation of the change in orientation of the light chain domain to the stepping of the motor. Three different pairs of positions were tested using a rigid bifunctional rhodamine on the(More)
OBJECTIVE With the introduction of third-generation light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in dental practice, it is necessary to compare their bracket-bonding effects, safety, and efficacy with those of the second-generation units. METHODS In this study, 80 extracted human premolars were randomly divided into eight groups of 10 samples each. Metal or(More)
The accuracy and sensitivity of PCR-based methods for detection of hepatitis A virus (HAV) are dependent on the methods used to separate and concentrate the HAV from the infected cells. The pH and ionic strength affect the binding affinity of the virus to cells. In this study, we initially investigated the effects of pH (4.0-10.0) and metal ions (Fe²⁺,(More)
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