Hee-Kyung Kong

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Convergence is a term that is often used to explain changes in contemporary society, and technological convergence has been an important source of technological innovation in industry. For this paper we adopted a microscopic approach to the question of measuring the level of technological convergence using patent-citation analysis. We developed a(More)
With the growing importance of information security due to the arrival of information society and the spread of the internet, information security is emerging as a tool to guarantee competitive advantage and is at the same time an indispensable requirement for stable business execution for companies and organizations. Additionally, the value of tangible and(More)
In this paper, we use to system thinking analyze the outcome drawn by the increased government investment in information security industry. We also analyze the structure of the feedback, derived from the inter-connection of diverse variables that affects the investment for information security industry by both public and private sectors. Moreover, this(More)
As the automobile industry has recently adopted information technologies, the latter are being used to replace mechanical systems with electronically-controlled systems. Moreover, automobiles are evolving into smart cars or connected cars as they are connected to various IT devices and networks such as VANET (Vehicular Ad hoc NETwork). Although there were(More)
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