Hee Kang

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Microglial cells play critical roles in the immune and inflammatory responses of the brain. Under pathological conditions, the activation of microglia helps to restore brain homeostasis. However, chronic microglial activation endangers neuronal survival through the release of various proinflammatory and neurotoxic factors. As such, regulators of microglial(More)
In this paper, we propose a chromatic aberration (CA) correction algorithm based on a false color filtering technique. In general, CA produces color distortions called color fringes near the contrasting edges of captured images, and these distortions cause false color artifacts. In the proposed method, a false color filtering technique is used to filter out(More)
BACKGROUND Cinnamon bark is one of the most popular herbal ingredients in traditional oriental medicine and possesses diverse pharmacological activities including anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. The goal of this study is to investigate the in vivo and in vitro inhibitory effect of cinnamon water extract (CWE) on lipopolysaccharide(More)
Mefloquine is an effective treatment drug for malaria. However, it can cause several adverse side effects, and the precise mechanism associated with the adverse neurological effects of Mefloquine is not clearly understood. In this study, we investigated the effect of Mefloquine on autophagy in neuroblastoma cells. Mefloquine treatment highly induced the(More)
In this study, we developed an efficient electroporation-mediated transformation system featuring Flammulina velutipes. The flammutoxin (ftx) gene of F. velutipes was isolated by reverse transcription-PCR. pFTXHg plasmid was constructed using the partial ftx gene (410 bp) along with the hygromycin B phosphotransferase gene (hygB) downstream of the(More)
Chronic, low-grade inflammatory responses occur in obese adipose tissue and play a crucial role in the development of insulin resistance. Macrophages exposed to high glucose upregulate the expression of SRA, a macrophage-specific scavenger receptor. The present study investigated whether Prunus yedoensis (PY) bark extract affects the inflammatory response(More)
BACKGROUND Water soluble cinnamon extract has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and modulate macrophage activation, a desirable trait for the management of obesity or atherosclerosis. Our present study investigated whether cinnamon water extract (CWE) may influence the differentiation of monocytes into macrophages and the activity of macrophage(More)