Hee Jung

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In 1849, Dirichlet [5] proved that the probability that two positive integers are relatively prime is 1/ζ(2). Later, it was generalized into the case that positive integers has no nontrivial kth power common divisor. In this paper, we further generalize this result: the probability that the gcd of m products of n positive integers is B-friable is ∏ p>B [ 1(More)
The discrete logarithm problem with auxiliary inputs is to solve α for given elements g, g α ,. .. , g α d of a cyclic group G = g of prime order p. The best-known algorithm, proposed by Cheon in 2006, solves α in the case of d|(p ± 1) with running time of O p/d + d i group exponentiations (i = 1 or 1/2 depending on the sign). There have been several(More)
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