Hee-Jung Ahn

Kyung-Wan Min1
Kang Seo Park1
Yu-Kyung Eom1
1Kyung-Wan Min
1Kang Seo Park
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BACKGROUND The main source of carbohydrate in the Korean diet is rice, which is usually served in a rice bowl. This study investigated the impact of a meal plan using smaller rice bowls on dietary energy intake and macronutrient composition in overweight or obese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. METHODS A total of 67 women with type 2 diabetes were(More)
To explore the usefulness of narrative nursing records documented using a standardized terminology-based electronic nursing records system, we conducted three different studies on (1) the gaps between the required nursing care time and the actual nursing care time, (2) the practice variations in pressure ulcer care, and (3) the surveillance of adverse drug(More)
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