Hee-June Jeong

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The effect of TiO2 layer applied to the conventional Fe2O3/FTO photoanode to improve the photoelectrochemical performance was assessed from the viewpoint of the microstructure and energy band structure. Regardless of the location of the TiO2 layer in the photoanodes, that is, Fe2O3/TiO2/FTO or TiO2/Fe2O3/FTO, high performance was obtained when α-Fe2O3 and(More)
A SiO x coating material for Si anode in lithium-ion battery was processed by using SiCl4 and ethylene glycol. The produced SiO x particles after heat treatment at 725°C for 1 h were porous and irregularly shaped with amorphous structure. Pitch carbon added to SiO x was found to strongly affect solid electrolyte interphase stabilization and cyclic(More)
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