Hee-Jin Lee

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The 2016 Clinical TempEval challenge addresses temporal information extraction from clinical notes. The challenge is composed of six sub-tasks, each of which is to identify: (1) event mention spans, (2) time expression spans, (3) event attributes, (4) time attributes, (5) events' temporal relations to the document creation times (DocTimeRel), and (6)(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of automatically converting information in the Korean language to one in a sign language as used in Korea. First, we discuss the differences between sign language and natural language, and in particular between the sign language in Korea and the Korean language. Then, we focus on issues that are relevant to the process(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinical trials investigating drugs that target specific genetic alterations in tumors are important for promoting personalized cancer therapy. The goal of this project is to create a knowledge base of cancer treatment trials with annotations about genetic alterations from ClinicalTrials.gov. METHODS We developed a semi-automatic framework that(More)
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