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Plants recognize environmental factors to determine flowering time. CONSTANS (CO) plays a central role in the photoperiod flowering pathway of Arabidopsis, and CO protein stability is modulated by photoreceptors. In rice, Hd1, an ortholog of CO, acts as a flowering promoter, and phytochromes repress Hd1 expression. Here, we investigated the functioning of(More)
Zinc is essential for normal plant growth and development. To understand its transport in rice, we characterized OsZIP5, which is inducible under Zn deficiency. OsZIP5 complemented the growth defect of a yeast Zn-uptake mutant, indicating that OsZIP5 is a Zn transporter. The OsZIP5-GFP fusion protein was localized to the plasma membrane. Transgenic plants(More)
Epidermal cell layers play important roles in plant defenses against various environmental stresses. Here we report the identification of a cuticle membrane mutant, wilted dwarf and lethal 1 (wdl1), from a rice T-DNA insertional population. The mutant is dwarf and die at seedling stage due to increased rates of water loss. Stomatal cells and pavement cells(More)
In much of the tropics and subtropics, rice (Oryza sativa L.) is grown under long days (LDs). Therefore, LD must play a major role in inducing flowering signal in rice. However, little is known on LD-dependent flowering signal in the species. We previously reported that OsMADS50, which is highly homologous to Arabidopsis SOC1, functions as a positive(More)
The plant U-box (PUB) protein functions as an E3 ligase to poly-ubiquitinate a target protein for its degradation or post-translational modification. Here, we report functional roles for OsPUB15, which encodes a cytosolic U-box protein in the class-II PUB family. Self-ubiquitination assays showed that bacterially expressed MBP-OsPUB15 protein has E3(More)
  • Klaus Deicke, Hee Jeong, Wojciech Hong, Szyma´nski
  • 2008
For an arbitrary countable directed graph E we show that the only possible values of the stable rank of the associated Cuntz-Krieger algebra C * (E) are 1, 2 or ∞. Explicit criteria for each of these three cases are given. We characterize graph algebras of type I, and graph algebras which are inductive limits of C *-algebras of type I. We also show that a(More)
Arabidopsis thaliana plants flower in Spring in order to produce offspring before they are out-competed by other species. By contrast, rice (Oryza sativa) flowers in Summer after a lengthy period of vegetative growth that will support the maximum amount of seed production. As model systems, these two species are valuable for studies that explore how plants(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), each node performs multiple roles, such as sensor, router, and storage. It gathers data from an environment and does not only transfer the data to destinations such as sinks but also store the data in its storage. Therefore, just one node failure can cause malfunctions of various facilities of a WSN. So far, many schemes(More)
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of aroma foot massage and reflexology on sleep, depression and problem behaviors on elderly with dementia. Methods: The study was a none equivalent control group pre-post test quasi-experimental design. The participants were 62 elderly with mild mentia. Using a coin toss, 31 participants were(More)