Hee Chul Lee

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This paper presents a novel CMOS charge transfer readout circuit for X-ray time delay and integration (TDI) arrays with a depth of 64. The proposed circuit uses a charge transfer readout similar to CCD; thus, the summing of the signal charges can be implemented easily compared with other typical CMOS readout circuits for TDI arrays. The weakness of TDI(More)
Evolution of supramolecular chirality from self-assembly of achiral compounds and control over its handedness is closely related to the evolution of life and development of supramolecular materials with desired handedness. Here we report a system where the entire process of induction, control and locking of supramolecular chirality can be manipulated by(More)
A capacitive microcantilever-type infrared (IR) detector having a unique structure that has high immunity to thermomechanical noise (TM-noise) is proposed. The device has a capacitive readout scheme and is compared with a conventional design using the same readout method by finite element model simulation. The total cantilever length was halved, compared(More)
This paper reports a multiple integration method for providing a greatly improved signal-to-noise ratio for high resolution infrared focal plane array (FPA) applications. In this method, the signal from each pixel is repeatedly sampled into the integration capacitor, and then outputted and summed into outside memory, continuing for n read cycles during the(More)
Developed over approximately half a century, neural probe technology is now a mature technology in terms of its fabrication technology and serves as a practical alternative to the traditional microwires for extracellular recording. Through extensive exploration of fabrication methods, structural shapes, materials, and stimulation functionalities, neural(More)
In order to acquire radiation-tolerant characteristics in integrated circuits, a dummy gate-assisted n-type metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (DGA n-MOSFET) layout was adopted. The DGA n-MOSFET has a different channel shape compared with the standard n-MOSFET. The standard n-MOSFET has a rectangular channel shape, whereas the DGA n-MOSFET(More)
This study investigated the morphological and electromechanical characteristics of 0.2PZN-0.8PZT films fabricated using a PbTiO3 layer. Crack-free 1-microm-thick films with a pure perovskite phase were obtained on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates using a modified sol-gel deposition method. A highly dense and smooth morphology and a high piezoelectric coefficient(More)
We describe the output performance of the 1415 nm emission in Nd:YAG in a plane-concave cavity under traditional pumping into the 4F5/2 level (808 nm) and direct in-band pumping into the 4F3/2 level (885 nm). An end-pumped Nd:YAG laser yielded maximum cw output power of 6.3 W and 4.2 W at 885 nm and 808 nm laser diode (LD) pumping, respectively. To the best(More)