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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disease, characterized by the predominant loss of motor neurons (MNs) in primary motor cortex, the brainstem, and the spinal cord, causing premature death in most cases. Minimal delay of pathological development by available medicine has prompted the search for novel therapeutic treatments to cure(More)
This paper presents a novel CMOS charge transfer readout circuit for X-ray time delay and integration (TDI) arrays with a depth of 64. The proposed circuit uses a charge transfer readout similar to CCD; thus, the summing of the signal charges can be implemented easily compared with other typical CMOS readout circuits for TDI arrays. The weakness of TDI(More)
—A new readout circuit involving two-step current mode background suppression is studied for two-dimensional long-wavelength infrared focal plane arrays (2-D LWIR FPAs). Buffered direct injection (BDI) and a feedback amplifier are used for the input circuit and background suppression circuit, respectively. The readout circuit has been fabricated using a(More)
In order to acquire radiation-tolerant characteristics in integrated circuits, a dummy gate-assisted n-type metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (DGA n-MOSFET) layout was adopted. The DGA n-MOSFET has a different channel shape compared with the standard n-MOSFET. The standard n-MOSFET has a rectangular channel shape, whereas the DGA n-MOSFET(More)
This paper reports a multiple integration method for providing a greatly improved signal-to-noise ratio for high resolution infrared focal plane array (FPA) applications. In this method, the signal from each pixel is repeatedly sampled into the integration capacitor, and then outputted and summed into outside memory, continuing for n read cycles during the(More)