Hedyeh Riazi

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BACKGROUND Accurate and timely diagnosis of endometriosis is associated with confusion. Clinical manifestations, imaging techniques, biomarkers and surgical techniques are used as diagnostic approaches. This paper reviews current evidence on clinical manifestation in order to help practitioners and perhaps improve women's health. METHODS A review of the(More)
BACKGROUND Infertility is a major reproductive health in gynecology. According to the world health organization, there are currently 50-80 million infertile couples in the world. OBJECTIVE Considering the critical effects of lifestyle on reproductive health, this study aimed to compare the lifestyle of fertile and infertile couples in Kermanshah during(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of endometriosis is considerable but its diagnosis is a dilemma. The aim of this study was to explore the perception and experiences of endometriosis patients and physicians about occurrence and diagnosis of endometriosis. METHODS A qualitative research using content analysis was used to obtain data from purposely selected(More)
BACKGROUND The postpartum period is a critical stage of life with major changes in the quality of life. Therefore, special consideration is needed to this issue. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of a self-care program based on the Teach Back method on the postpartum quality of life. METHODS This experimental study was conducted on eighty postpartum(More)
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