Hedviga Mrazova

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The authors investigated within the framework of non-specific immunity reactions proteins of the acute phase during spontaneous delivery and Caesarean section up to the 5th day after delivery and on the 1st, 5th and 10th day after delivery in forty women, half of them healthy and half suffering from late gestoses. Half the women had spontaneous deliveries,(More)
Demand for use of acellular allodermis is high but commercially appropriate products are not used routinely because of very high price and limited availability. These facts did motivate us to prepare acellular allodermis using a new, simple and less expensive method. We have developed a original method for preparation of acellular allogeneic dermis based on(More)
BACKGROUND Telocytes represent a relatively newly discovered population of cells found within the various tissues and organs, including Fallopian tubes. It is presumed that telocytes could serve as a sensor of hormone levels or regulate activity of muscle peristaltic movement. METHODS Tissue sections from anatomically different parts of Fallopian tubes of(More)
Iron is an essential element for fundamental cell functions and a catalyst for chemical reactions. Three samples extracted from the human spleen were investigated by scanning (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Mössbauer spectrometry (MS), and SQUID magnetometry. The sample with diagnosis of hemosiderosis (H) differs from that referring to(More)
Sterilization is an important step in the preparation of biological material for transplantation. The aim of the study is to compare morphological changes in three types of biological tissues induced by different doses of gamma and electron beam radiation. Frozen biological tissues (porcine skin xenografts, human skin allografts and human amnion) were(More)
An important part of the preparation of biological material for transplantation is sterilization. The aim of our study was to assess the impact of ionizing radiation on three types of biological tissues and the impact of different doses on cells and extracellular matrix. Three types of frozen tissues (porcine skin xenografts, human skin allografts and human(More)
The article describes the case of 67 year  old woman, hospitalized at our department due to history of syncopes. At the time of admission the patient complained of back pain in the area of exophytic growing tumour. During the diagnostic process routine laboratory tests revealed severe normocytic hypochromic anemia, hypoproteinemia, elevation of inflammatory(More)
The authors investigated six proteins of the acute phase in the serum of mothers and in the umbilical blood of the foetus during spontaneous delivery and after Caesarean section in 40 women and their neonates. Half the women were in good health, half suffered from late gestoses. The patients' age, weeks of delivery and operation, the mean body weight of the(More)
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