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Originally the term 'protein module' was coined to distinguish mobile domains that frequently occur as building blocks of diverse multidomain proteins from 'static' domains that usually exist only as stand-alone units of single-domain proteins. Despite the widespread use of the term 'mobile domain', the distinction between static and mobile domains is(More)
BACKGROUND Despite significant improvements in computational annotation of genomes, sequences of abnormal, incomplete or incorrectly predicted genes and proteins remain abundant in public databases. Since the majority of incomplete, abnormal or mispredicted entries are not annotated as such, these errors seriously affect the reliability of these databases.(More)
Matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP-2) contains three fibronectin type II (col) modules that contribute to its collagen specificity. We observed that the CD spectra of the separate col modules account for the CD and temperature profiles of the in-tandem col-123 construct. Thus, to the extent of not significantly perturbing the secondary structure and thermal(More)
ABC (ATP-Binding Cassette) proteins with altered function are responsible for numerous human diseases. To aid the selection of positions and amino acids for ABC structure/function studies we have generated a database, ABCMdb (Gyimesi et al. , ABCMdb: a database for the comparative analysis of protein mutations in ABC transporters, and a potential framework(More)
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