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Cities under siege: the new military urbanism
The core part of the book is a very lucid analysis of three cases in which relevant concepts and processes defended by the Third World with a potentially destabilising nature, in the end wereExpand
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"...or else the lie around". Time, Space and the Everyday in Post-Independence Dublin. Working Paper No. 3 (2014)
This essay aims to understand the time and space of the everyday in postindependence Dublin. Methodologically, the approach is hermeneutic. Theory and method can thus not be separated: it is at theExpand
Deferring substance: EU policy and the information threat
ABSTRACT The article describes EU cross-sectoral policy work on online information threats, focusing on the intersection between values and 'referent objects'. Examining discussions on strategicExpand
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Securing Judgement Rethinking Security and Online Information Threats
The contemporary debate in democracies routinely describes online information threats such as misinformation, disinformation and deception as security-issues in need of urgent attention. Despite thisExpand
The Paradox of Obedience : Political Authority in an Inverted World
Det här är ett mycket prelimenärt utkast till en introduktion (och delar av ett första kapitel) till min avhandling. Den första delen är en skissartad bild av empirin och det som följer sedan ärExpand
Instilling judgement: counter-narratives of humour, fact and logic
ABSTRACT With citizens turning to extremism, ‘counter-narratives’ have been forwarded as a remedy for online ‘counter-radicalisation’. Still, the relationship between counter-narratives andExpand
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