Hector Montenegro-Monroy

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A novel fuzzy 3D filter designed to suppress impulsive noise in color video sequences is proposed. In contrast to other state-of-the-art algorithms, the proposed approach employs the sequence data of the three RGB channels, analyzes eight fuzzy gradient values for each of the eight directions, and processes two temporal neighboring frames concurrently.(More)
A novel method for the denoising of color videos corrupted by additive noise is presented in this paper. The proposed technique consists of three principal filtering steps: spatial, spatiotemporal, and spatial postprocessing. In contrast to other state-of-the-art algorithms, during the first spatial step, the eight gradient values in different directions(More)
A filtering method for color videos contaminated by additive noise is presented. The proposed framework employs three filtering stages: spatial similarity filtering, neighboring frame denoising, and spatial post-processing smoothing. The difference with other state-ofthe-art filtering methods, is that this approach, based on fuzzy logic, analyses basic and(More)
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