Hector MacQueen

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Newly-formed pairs of 16-cell blastomeres were collected by periodic observation of isolated 8-cell blastomeres. Any pairs formed by division were recovered and classified as being composed of 1/16 blastomeres that differed in size or were of similar size. All of the latter and some of the former were then cultured for periods of up to 20h. The remaining(More)
Experiments into the relationship between diet and health have been an area of high interest for a long time. In this study, we investigate the application of multivariate data analysis to differentiate between rat populations fed on two different diets: normal rat diet (control) and Western affluent diet (WAD). Two sets of data were acquired and analysed:(More)
  • A Stramek, W Wassif, +8 authors Evans K Barkans
  • 2016
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