Hector G. Ituarte

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Insulin is a potent stimulator of collagen synthesis and other osteoblastic cell functions. In various insulin-sensitive tissues, stimulation of glucose transport and glycolytic metabolism are hallmarks of insulin action and may play a role in insulin regulation of cellular function. However, the effects of insulin on glucose metabolism in osteoblastlike(More)
The correlation of insulin receptor occupancy with classic insulin effects, such as stimulation of glucose uptake, have not been examined in osteoblastlike cells. Accordingly, we characterized insulin binding and examined its relationship to stimulation of glucose analog transport in the UMR-106 rat osteoblastic osteosarcoma cell line. Insulin binding in(More)
Insulin has been shown to stimulate collagen, noncollagen protein and nucleic acid synthesis in bone cellsin vitro. However, the effects of insulin on intermediary carbohydrate metabolism in osteoblasts, and in particular on the key regulatory enzyme glycogen synthase, have not been directly examined. Accordingly, we developed a microassay for glycogen(More)
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