Hector E. Perez

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— Parameterization and Observability Analysis of Scalable Battery Clusters for Onboard Thermal Management — Thermal management is an important issue for lithium ion batteries, as overheating may result in disastrous consequences. Although the battery surface temperature is commonly measured, the core temperature of a cell may be much higher hence more(More)
— Lithium ion batteries should always be prevented from overheating and, hence, thermal monitoring is indispensable. Since only the surface temperature of the battery can be measured, a thermal model is needed to estimate the core temperature of the battery, which can be higher and more critical. In this paper, an online parameter identification scheme is(More)
In this paper, for the first time, an equivalent circuit electrical model is integrated with a two-state thermal model to form an electro-thermal model for cylindrical lithium ion batteries. The parameterization of such model for an A123 26650 LiFePO 4 cylindrical battery is presented. The resistances and capaci-tances of the equivalent circuit model are(More)
— Temperature monitoring is a critical issue for lithium ion batteries. Since only the surface temperature of the battery can be measured, a thermal model is needed to estimate the core temperature, which can be higher and hence more critical. In this paper, an on-line parameter identification scheme is designed for a cylindrical lithium ion battery thermal(More)
Preservation of genetic diversity within germplasm repositories represents an important tool for plant conservation. However, seeds must tolerate extreme levels of post-harvest desiccation and cold to realize benefits of ex situ storage. Factors including local climate and habitat impact expression of desiccation and freezing tolerance especially for widely(More)
Time-to-event analysis represents a collection of relatively new, flexible, and robust statistical techniques for investigating the incidence and timing of transitions from one discrete condition to another. Plant biology is replete with examples of such transitions occurring from the cellular to population levels. However, application of these statistical(More)
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