Hector E. Nistazakis

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Turbulence fading is one of the main impairments affecting the operation of free-space optical (FSO) communication systems. The authors study the performance of FSO communication systems, also known as wireless optical communication systems, over log-normal and gamma – gamma atmospheric turbulence-induced fading channels. These fading models describe the(More)
We study soliton dynamics in a system of two linearly coupled discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equations, which describe the dynamics of a two-component Bose gas, coupled by an electromagnetic field, and confined in a strong optical lattice. When the nonlinear coupling strengths are equal, we use a unitary transformation to remove the linear coupling terms,(More)
We demonstrate the possibility of creating domain walls described by a single component Gross–Pitaevskii equation with attractive interactions, in the presence of an optical–lattice potential. While it is found that the domain wall is unstable in an infinite system, we show that the external magnetic trap can stabilize it. Stable solutions also include "(More)
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