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Orbital subperiosteal space, a potential space, is an important entity due to its unique anatomy and susceptibility to various pathologic processes. CT scan and MR imaging are important tools in the diagnosis of orbital subperiosteal hematomas, cholesterol granulomas, and infections. MR imaging has emerged as the modality of choice in the evaluation of(More)
There is a clear need for basic and clinical researchers and educated research consumers in child psychiatry. Few who enter the field consider research a part of their ride. While some specialized training has occurred, there is a dearth of models for integrating the research process into a traditional child psychiatry fellowship. This paper describes a(More)
This research assesses, in newborns, the hemodynamic response to acoustically modified syllables (pronounced in a prolonged manner), versus the response to unmodified syllables (pronounced at a normal rate). The aim was to assess which of these stimulation conditions produced better syllable discrimination in two groups of neonates: 13 preterm (mean(More)