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With the logistics outsourcing gradually increases, automobile logistics can be an important tache to assess and select the automobile logistics vendors justly and equitably in the outsourcing process of enterprises. And the proper evaluation of automobile logistics would enhance auto enterprise core competence, improve added-value service, reduce cost and(More)
The problems faced by the development of regional economy,how to promote regional economic development and give full play to the traction role of the region's Leading cities,adjusting and optimizing industry structure,and through the changing of economic development mode to realize regional economic survival and sustainable development,which has become key(More)
With the arrival of the era of knowledge economy, the development and application of information technology with high-speed, the global economy is moving toward integration. Corresponding to this, the leading position of consumers in the supply chain has continually increased, and the demand of consumer has gradually become the key factort which may decide(More)
With the arrival of the ages of the knowledge-based economy, the traditional government governance mode faces grand challenge. Knowledge management has become the strength source of greating the era of knowledge economy. It is the society organization and management style that has take place profundity change which requests the government carry on the(More)
With the development of economy, the logistics outsouring gradually increases. It is an important tache to assess and select third party logistics justly and equitably in the outsourcing process of enterprises. And whether an appropriate third party logistics vendor choosed has become the key to enhance the core competence, low logistics cost, optimize(More)
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