Hebréia Oliveira Almeida

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Paraganglion-like structures (PLS) containing chromaffin-positive cells have been reported to be present in the adult human heart. The present work was initiated in order to evaluate the densitity of these structures in the interatrial septum and to study the presence of immunoreactivity of their cells to NSE and PGP 9,5 antibodies, two neuroendocrine(More)
The intravenous injection of purified scorpion toxin (tityustoxin, TsTX) into unanesthetized rats induces a severe systemic hypertension followed by a hemorrhagic edema of the lungs. The edema is focal or diffuse, whereas the hemorrhage is always focal and less prominent than the edema. Anesthesia of the rats prevents the appearance of pulmonary edema. It(More)
Serial histological sections of the interatrial septum and basal heart vessels of the weaned and juvenile white-belly opossum (Didelphis albiventris) were obtained in order to study the presence of paraganglia and their content of regulatory peptides and serotonin. Paraganglion groups were mapped between the aorta and pulmonary arteries and close to the(More)
The enrichment and isolation of proteins are considered limiting steps in proteomic studies. Identification of proteins whose expression is transient, those that are of low-abundance, and of natural peptides not described in databases, is still a great challenge. Plant extracts are in general complex, and contaminants interfere with the identification of(More)
A dramatic reduction in the total number of dense vesicles in Auerbach's plexus of the mouse colon was observed during the acute phase of experimental American Trypanosomiasis (Chagas' disease). A significant decrease in substance P activity of the colon of inoculated animals was also measured. It is suggested that this decrease in substance P activity(More)
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