Hebe. M. Dionisi

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Utilizing the principle of competitive PCR, we developed two assays to enumerate Nitrosomonas oligotropha-like ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria belonging to the genus(More)
We designed a real-time PCR assay able to recognize dioxygenase large-subunit gene sequences with more than 90% similarity to the Ralstonia sp. strain U2 nagAc gene (nagAc-like gene sequences) in(More)
Although sediments are the natural hydrocarbon sink in the marine environment, the ecology of hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria in sediments is poorly understood, especially in cold regions. We studied(More)
Nitrification was assessed in two full-scale wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) over time using molecular methods. Both WWTPs employed a complete-mix suspended growth, aerobic activated sludge(More)