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OBJECTIVE To evaluate HER2 oncoprotein expression by both immunohistochemical (IHC) staining and fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) in different benign and malignant bladder lesions, and the effect of bilharzial infestation on this expression. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a prospective controlled study, 72 patients were classified into a control group,(More)
Atopic dermatitis (A.D.) is a hereditary and distinct form of eczema which may be associated with other atopic manifestations. The aetiopothogenesis of A.D. is unknown and it is widely accepted that both intrinsic and extrinsic factors are involved. House dust mites (HDM) are of great medical importance in causing allergic manifestations in human being. In(More)
This study estimated the expression of CK-7, CK14, and CK-20 protein in human bladder carcinoma, urothelial carcinoma (UC) in comparison to squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and to show its possible correlation to clinicopathologic parameters (grade and stage and bilharziasis), and investigate whether cytokeratin 14 immunostaining may be useful to detect early(More)
Dermatitis or inflammation of the skin caused by an outside agent, is a condition with many causes. It may result from direct irritation of the skin by a substances (chemical or insecticide) or it may be an allergic reaction to a particular substance that has been in contact with the skin as soap or detergent or insect urticating hairs; injected as insect(More)
AIM Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most common cancers in men worldwide. Its incidence can be influenced by several risk factors including genetic susceptibility. Therefore the search for the expression of a certain gene (ERG) and its rearrangement could give us clues for proper identification of PCa. And the study of ERG expression and its comparison(More)
AIM We aimed study impact of hepatocytic viral load, steatosis, and iron load on fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C and role of VEGF and VEGFR overexpression in cirrhotic cases in evolving HCC. MATERIAL AND METHODS Total of 120 cases were included from TBRI and Beaujon Hospital as chronic hepatitis C (CHC), post-hepatitis C cirrhosis, and HCC. Cases of CHC(More)
OBJECTIVES Liver transplant is the cornerstone line of treatment for chronic liver diseases; however, the long list of complications and obstacles stand against this operation. Searching for new modalities for treatment of chronic liver illness is a must. In the present research, we aimed to compare the effects of transplant of undifferentiated human(More)
AIM Amplification of the Her2/neu gene and overexpression of the Her2/neu protein in gastric carcinoma (GC) is a golden criterion for target therapy with trastuzumab (Herceptin). We aim to evaluate the immunohistochemical protein expression and amplification of the oncogene Her2/neu by FISH technique in the epithelial gastric carcinoma and to compare their(More)
BACKGROUND Bladder cancer represents the fifth most common malignancy worldwide and a major cause of cancer-related morbidity and death. Incidence and mortality rates have remained relatively constant over the past four decades. Urothelial bladder cancers have identified multiple risk factors. AIM We aimed at evaluating the expression of the FGFR3 protein(More)
HER2 is an oncogene encoding a type 1 tyrosine kinase growth factor receptor and the role of HER2 in the development of numerous types of human cancer is still understood and correlates with clinical outcome, poor prognosis, it is a predictor factor for poor response to chemotherapy. HER2 overexpression is associated with reduced disease free and overall(More)