Heba Ezzat Ibrahim

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Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has increasingly become a crucial issue for computer and network systems. Optimizing performance of IDS becomes an important open problem which receives more and more attention from the research community. In this work, A multi-layer intrusion detection model is designed and developed to achieve high efficiency and improve(More)
— Security of computers and the networks that connect them is increasingly becoming of great significance. Intrusion detection system is one of the security defense tools for computer networks. This paper compares two different model Approaches for representing intrusion detection system by using decision tree techniques. These approaches are Phase-model(More)
With the evident need for accuracy in the performance of intrusion detection system, it is expedient that in addition to the algorithms used, more activities should be carried out to improve accuracy and reduce real time used in detection. This paper reviews how data mining relates to IDS, feature selection and classification. This paper proposes(More)
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