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Online discussions forums, known as forums for short, are conversational social cyberspaces constituting rich repositories of content and an important source of collaborative knowledge. However, most of this knowledge is buried inside the forum infrastructure and its extraction is both complex and difficult. The ability to automatically rate postings in(More)
Online discussions boards represent a rich repository of knowledge organized in a collection of user generated content. These conversational cyberspaces allow users to express opinions, ideas and pose questions and answers without imposing strict limitations about the content. This freedom, in turn, creates an environment in which discussions are not(More)
BACKGROUND Prosody is the aspect of language that conveys emotion by changes in tone, rhythm, and emphasis during speech and the term specific language impairment (SLI) refers to children whose language development is substantially below their chronological age, despite a normal nonverbal intelligence and no obvious neurological or physiological(More)
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