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Phosphorylation of Histone H3 Thr-45 Is Linked to Apoptosis*♦
Numerous post-translational modifications have been identified in histones. Most of these occur within the histone tails, but a few have been identified within the histone core sequences. HistoneExpand
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Bird Fancier's Lung: A State-of-the-Art Review
Bird fancier's lung (BFL) resulting from avian antigen exposure is a very common form of hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Its pathogenesis is modified by genetic polymorphisms located within the majorExpand
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Nociceptive Sensitizers Are Regulated in Damaged Joint Tissues, Including Articular Cartilage, When Osteoarthritic Mice Display Pain Behavior
Pain is the most common symptom of osteoarthritis (OA), yet where it originates in the joint and how it is driven are unknown. The aim of this study was to identify pain‐sensitizing molecules thatExpand
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Dynamic airway collapse: a frequently misdiagnosed asthma mimicker.
Dynamic airway collapse (DAC) is a relatively common disease often misdiagnosed as asthma. It occurs in 5% to 10% of patients referred to pulmonologists for chronic cough and in 5% to 23% of patientsExpand
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Temporary Endobronchial Stent as a Bridge to Corrective Surgery For Severe Kyphoscoliosis-associated Central-Airway Extrinsic Compression
Kyphoscoliosis is known to compromise lung function, with the primary mechanism being reduced chest wall compliance with a resultant restrictive pulmonary physiology. Severe scoliosis can also causeExpand
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A tree-based algorithm for determining the effects of solvation on the structure of salivary gland tripeptide NH3+-D-PHE-D-GLU-GLY-COO-.
A D-enantiomeric analog of the submandibular gland rat-1 tripeptide FEG (Seq: NH(3)(+)-Phe-Glu-Gly-COO(-)) called feG (Seq: NH(3)(+)-D-Phe-D-Glu-Gly-COO(-)) was examined by molecular dynamicsExpand
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Evaluation of short stature in children.
Normal growth in children is a reflection of general health and is the result of a complex interaction between genetic, nutritional, and hormonal factors. From conception through infancy, growth isExpand
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Ecological Studies on Some Insect Pests Infesting Rosemary Plants and Their Associated Predators at Abo-Kabir District Sharkia Governorate
The present studies were carried out to survey and evaluate the population densities of some insect pests infesting rosemary plants and their associated predators during the two successive seasons ofExpand
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