Heather Y Lee

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The 106 Cd(α, γ) 110 Sn reaction cross section has been measured in the energy range of the Gamow window for the astrophysical p-process scenario. The cross sections for 106 Cd(α,n) 109 Sn and for 106 Cd(α,p) 109 In below the (α,n) threshold have also been determined. The results are compared with predictions of the statistical model code NON SMOKER using(More)
Four paramagnetic ionic compounds have been prepared and their magnetic, structural and thermal properties have been investigated. The four compounds are methylbutylpyrrolidinium tetrachloroferrate(III) ([Pyrr(14)](+)/[FeCl(4)](-)), methyltributylammonium tetrachloroferrate(III) ([N(1444)](+)/[FeCl(4)](-)), butylmethylimidazolium tetrachloroferrate(III)(More)
Single crystals in the ternary MPB PM-NPZ-PT system with relatively high TCs and ECs were fabricated by the solid-state single crystal growth (SSCG) technique and their dielectric and piezoelectric properties characterized. The dc bias effect on TRT (or the application usage temperature range), the high field unipolar strain, and the strain fatigue behavior(More)
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