Heather V Lochner

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It is often not feasible to conduct large trials in orthopaedic surgery. Therefore, surgeons must identify strategies to optimize the statistical power of their smaller studies. The aim of this study was to compare study power in randomized trials with continuous versus dichotomous outcome variables. We performed a systematic review of the literature to(More)
BACKGROUND Although an investigator may limit bias through randomization, concealment of patient allocation, and blinding, the results of randomized trials may be less convincing when the sample size is not sufficiently large to reveal a true difference between treatment groups. When the sample size is small, randomized trials are subject to beta errors(More)
PURPOSE To characterize the complications that occur at the index metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint following pollicization and to identify the blood supply of the index MCP joint. METHODS Eighty-five pollicized digits in 74 patients (1974-2007) were followed after surgery and had documented clinical examinations and radiographs to evaluate physeal arrest,(More)
In the last 40 years, childhood hand and wrist injuries have become progressively more common as children have become heavier and more active in high impact sports. The majority of children with such injuries do well, but treatment is not always straightforward. Distal radius fractures, scaphoid fractures, metacarpal and phalangeal fractures, nailbed(More)
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