Heather Taylor-Hill

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In functional neuroimaging studies, individuals with dyslexia frequently exhibit both hypoactivation, often in the left parietotemporal cortex, and hyperactivation, often in the left inferior frontal cortex, but there has been no evidence to suggest how to interpret the differential relations of hypoactivation and hyperactivation to dyslexia. To address(More)
Adults and children with developmental dyslexia exhibit reduced parietotemporal activation in functional neuroimaging studies of phonological processing. These studies used age-matched and/or intelligence quotient-matched control groups whose reading ability and scanner task performance were often superior to that of the dyslexic group. It is unknown,(More)
Fumiko Hoeft,1 Arvel Hernandez,1 Glenn McMillon,1 Heather Taylor-Hill,1 Jennifer L. Martindale,1 Ann Meyler,2 Timothy A. Keller,2 Wai Ting Siok,1 Gayle K. Deutsch,1 Marcel Adam Just,2 Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli,1 and John D. E. Gabrieli1 1Department of Psychology, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California 94305-2130, and 2Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging,(More)
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