Heather Strachan

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5.2 Prototype and test a method of collecting record content, evidence-based, and other expert sources to develop and maintain templates.. 1 Summary This report describes a project for the National Health Service in Scotland, titled 'a National Library of Clinical Templates for Community Nursing in Scotland: a Feasibility Study'. The project defined a(More)
The Scottish Government supports a culture of knowledge management and organisational learning for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (NMAHP). To help facilitate this the National eHealth Programme has developed a portal, Using Information - Improving Healthcare, to enable sharing of international and national good practice in information use.(More)
The Managed Knowledge Network (MKN) for Nurses, Midwives and the Allied Health Professions (NMAHPs) in NHS Scotland was launched in November 2007. The online portal supports the NMAHP network to manage its knowledge and information sources that facilitate engagement with the national eHealth programme and realisation of benefits that eHealth offers to(More)
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