Heather Strachan

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In humans and rodents, the lysosomal catabolism of core Man(3)GlcNAc(2) N-glycan structures is catalyzed by the concerted action of several exoglycosidases, including a broad specificity lysosomal alpha-mannosidase (LysMan), core-specific alpha1,6-mannosidase, beta-mannosidase, and cleavage at the reducing terminus by a di-N-acetylchitobiase. We describe(More)
Slit3 is a large molecule with multiple domains and belongs to axon guidance families. To date, the biological functions of Slit3 are still largely unknown. Our recent study demonstrated that the N-terminal fragment of Slit3 is a novel angiogenic factor. In this study, we examined the biological function of the C-terminal fragment of human Slit3 (HSCF). The(More)
Mannostatin and aminocyclopentitetrol analogues with various substitutions at the amino function were synthesized. These compounds were tested as inhibitors of human Golgi and lysosomal alpha-mannosidases. Modification of the amine of mannostatin had only marginal effects, whereas similar modifications of aminocyclopentitetrol led to significantly improved(More)