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BACKGROUND Acellular dermal matrix has been popularized as an adjunct to tissue expander or implant breast reconstruction given its utility in providing additional coverage and support for the inferior pole. This study was performed to assess the risk of postoperative complications associated with the use of acellular dermal matrix-assisted implant-based(More)
Ontogenic adrenocortical function of the domestic was investigated using adrenocortical cells isolated from embryonic chicks (18, 19, 20, and 21 days old) and male and female posthatch birds (1 day, 1 week, and 3 weeks old). Production of the predominant corticosteroids secreted by the chicken adrenal gland, corticosterone, cortisol, and aldosterone, was(More)
UNLABELLED We investigated the influence of the timing of neostigmine administration on recovery from rocuronium or vecuronium neuromuscular blockade. Eighty adults and 80 children were randomized to receive 0.45 mg/kg rocuronium or 0.075 mg/kg vecuronium during propofol/fentanyl/N2O anesthesia. Neuromuscular blockade was monitored by train-of-four (TOF)(More)
  • H Rosen
  • 1979
In 122 cases of non-union and delayed union, rigid fixation with Swiss compression plates without the use of casts, produced 92.6% success with the first operation. Half of the cases, especially in the well aligned fractures with hypertrophic callus, were treated without bone grafts and without resecting the pseudarthrosis. Non-resection did not adversely(More)
PURPOSE Uninsured children face health-related disparities in screening, treatment, and outcomes. To ensure payer status would not influence the decision to provide emergency care, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) was passed in 1986, which states patients cannot be refused treatment or transferred from one hospital to another(More)
HYPOTHESIS Given the pervasive evidence of disparities in screening, hospital admission, treatment, and outcomes due to insurance status, a disparity in outcomes in trauma patients (in-hospital death) among the uninsured may exist, despite preventive regulations (such as the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act). DESIGN Data were collected(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effectiveness of spaced education as a faculty development tool designed to improve teaching skills in a surgery department. DESIGN Faculty members were randomized to receive either weekly spaced education e-mails with content designed to improve teaching skills (group A) or no e-mails (group B). Using qualitative and(More)
AIM Transanal irrigation (TAI) has been reported to be a cheap and effective treatment for the 'anterior resection syndrome (ARS)'. This study aimed to evaluate its effect on the quality of life (QOL) of patients suffering from ARS. METHOD In a prospective study involving two colorectal centres, 14 patients (11 male; median age 68 (45-80) years) were(More)
BACKGROUND Native breast skin flap necrosis is a complication that can result from ischemic injury following mastectomy and can compromise immediate breast reconstruction. The tumescent mastectomy technique has been advocated as a method of allowing sharp dissection with decreased blood loss and perioperative analgesia. This study was performed to determine(More)
Successful treatment of persistent empyema by intrapleural streptokinase is described in five pediatric patients. Their ages ranged from 18 months to 7 years. All experienced dramatic improvement in the resolution of their empyemas following intrapleural streptokinase. Improved chest tube drainage occurred concurrently with clinical improvement.(More)