Heather R. Turner

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We consider models of emergence, adding downward causa-tion to conventional models where causation permeates from low-level elements to high-level behaviour. We describe an architecture and prototype simulation medium for tagging and modelling emergent features in CA-like systems. This is part of ongoing work on engineering emergence.
We propose a framework for engineering emergent behaviour that allows system specification and design at the level of the emergence. We discuss how rule migration can be used to translate this high-level multi-layer design (mobile process model) into an equivalent simple cellular automaton model with only local rules, and emergent behaviour. In this paper,(More)
BACKGROUND The transcription factor MYC is a critical regulator of diverse cellular processes, including both replication and apoptosis. Differences in MYC-regulated gene expression responsible for such opposing outcomes in vivo remain obscure. To address this we have examined time-dependent changes in global gene expression in two transgenic mouse models(More)
This thesis describes a framework for designing emergent behaviour. The framework is comprised of a simulation architecture, a rule migration process, and a rule combination language. Desired emergent behaviour is specified using a multi-level model which describes the behaviour at the appropriate level in the emergence hierarchy, using downward causation(More)
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