Heather R. Rhoden

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Currently no comparative studies exist on helminth and leech community structure among sympatric anuran tadpoles and salamander larvae. During June-August 2007-2009, we examined 50 bullfrog tadpoles, Rana catesbeiana , 50 barred tiger salamander larvae, Ambystoma mavortium , and 3 species of snails from Nevens Pond, Keith County, Nebraska for helminth and(More)
In total, 462 tadpoles and salamander larvae of 8 species were examined for the presence of Gyrinicola batrachiensis from 5 locations in Nebraska. Infection by G. batrachiensis occurred in tadpoles of Rana blairi , Rana catesbeiana, Rana pipiens, and Bufo woodhousii. Tadpoles of Hyla chrysoscelis , Spea bombifrons, and Pseudacris maculata and larvae of(More)
Currently, little information is available on helminth community structure in tadpoles, the ephemeral, feeding, non-reproductive larva stages of anurans. We examined the helminth community structure in tadpoles of northern leopard frogs, Rana pipiens, and Woodhouse’s toads, Bufo woodhousii, from a first-order stream in Western Nebraska. Specifically, we(More)
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