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OBJECTIVE To measure the urinary excretion of specific cross-link amino acid markers for mature elastin (desmosine [DES] and isodesmosine [IDES]) and fibrillar collagen (hydroxylysylpyridinoline [HP] and lysylpyridinoline [LP]) in systemic sclerosis (SSc) patients and healthy controls. METHODS Urine specimens from 20 patients with SSc and 22 controls were(More)
Parental care in fishes is a three-way interaction among brood predators, parental brood defence, and the escaping ability of the developing young. Convict cichlids are Neotropical freshwater fish with prolonged biparental brood defence of their eggs and free-swimming larvae. In a previous study, developmental timing of changes in larval swimming(More)
BACKGROUND Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a family of enzymes that break down extra cellular matrix proteins during tissue formation. Tumours have been shown to over-express certain matrix metalloproteinases relative to normal tissue. Matrix metalloproteinases are associated with the disruption of tissue architecture in the growth of tumours and they(More)
Systemized nursing diagnosis based on standardized, coded terminology is in the early stages of evolution. The Waukesha Health Department has been a part of that evolutionary process. Introduction of the concept of nursing diagnosis led to the conclusion that for this agency a more systematic, community tested taxonomy was needed. The OCS was the system(More)
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