Heather Norberg

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Unusual complications ensued when a 14-month-old boy ingested an ornamental Christmas bulb. Profuse rectal bleeding, a large ischiorectal abscess, and an acute condition of the abdomen necessiated a sigmoid colostomy with drainage of the ischiorectal abscess. Following this, repeated episodes of hemorrhage via the colostomy and rectum required multiple(More)
To investigate if antiparasitic treatment of reindeer calves during the summer could increase their carcass weight during the slaughter period in autumn and winter, 529 reindeer calves were allocated to three groups, weighed, and marked with individually numbered plastic ear tags in early July, 1995. One of the groups was left untreated, another was treated(More)
The effect of histamine on serum calcium homeostasis was studied in the rat. After the intravenous administration of 0.5-1.0 mg histamine base to fasted Holtzman rats weighing 80-100 g, a significant lowering of serum calcium (Ca) level occurred 30 min after injection (decrease in Ca, 1.4-1.9 mg/100 ml), but normocalcemia returned at 60 min. Repeat(More)
The Reyes technique for the management of severe, acute corrosive injuries of the esophagus has been modified and successfully applied to two children and one adult whose cases are reported. None developed stricture and two were uncomplicated. Esophagomegaly, motility dysfunction, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and pneumonitis complicated the(More)
The concentration of ivermectin in the plasma of reindeer was measured after it was administered either topically as a pour-on preparation at 500 micrograms kg-1 bodyweight at different seasons to animals of different ages, or after subcutaneous and oral doses of 200 micrograms kg-1 bodyweight. The plasma concentrations of ivermectin were highest and least(More)
Substernal goiter with vena caval obstruction remains an interesting diagnostic and therapeutic problem. Since 85 to 90 percent of superior vena caval obstructions are due to a malignant disease, an intrathoracic goiter represents one of the benign, curable causes of this syndrome. This report describes the clinical course of a 44-year-old woman who(More)
Although reindeer are well adapted to limited food resources during winter, semi-domesticated reindeer are regularly fed when snow conditions are bad in order to prevent starvation. Feeding sometimes results in health problems and loss of animals. This study was made to assess if activity pattern in reindeer could be used as a tool for the reindeer herder(More)
The aim of the study was to test the performance of a silver wire modified version of the coded telemetric heart rate monitor Polar Vantage NV (PVNV) and to measure heart rate (HR) in a group of captive reindeer calves during different behaviour. The technical performance of PVNV HR monitors was tested in cold conditions (-30 degrees C) using a pulse(More)