Heather Noel Turner

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The basic mechanisms underlying noxious cold perception are not well understood. We developed Drosophila assays for noxious cold responses. Larvae respond to near-freezing temperatures via a mutually exclusive set of singular behaviors-in particular, a full-body contraction (CT). Class III (CIII) multidendritic sensory neurons are specifically activated by(More)
How organisms sense and respond to noxious temperatures is still poorly understood. Further, the mechanisms underlying sensitization of the sensory machinery, such as in patients experiencing peripheral neuropathy or injury-induced sensitization, are not well characterized. The genetically tractable Drosophila model has been used to study the cells and(More)
The ovarian responses of 2 groups of Merino ewes, 63 ewes of high (T) and 67 of low (0) fecundity, to 0, 375, 750, or 1500 intrauterine injections of pregnant mare's serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) on Day 13 or 15 of the estrous cycle were compared. 5 or 12 9 group ewes injected with PMSG failed to show estrous compared with 1 of the T ewes. Untreated T ewes(More)
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